I will help you get ready for the upcoming interview. I will not be able to give you all the "right" answers because there simply is no such thing :) However, I will explain the motivation behind specific questions and what a recruiter or a hiring manager expects to hear. By understanding interview logic, structure and typical questions you will be prepared to give answers which are genuine and straight to the point.

As part of the training we will identify relevant examples from your experience and practice answering with the right flow by utilizing pertinent speaking strategies (STAR, Pain and more).
You will go into your interviews equipped with the right experience in to master any of the interview styles common in Germany by answering questions in a straightforward manner but infused with your individual style.


Why are recruiters asking particular questions and what do they expect to hear?

Most efficient answering strategies for different types of questions

Questions you should prepare for the interview

How to identify and express your strengths and achievements even if you believe you do not have any and how to present them in a convincing manner

How to stop being nervous and talk to the interviewer on a peer level

Post-interview strategy - what to do after the interview to increase your chances of getting hired

2 hours of individual work on your profile and the real role you are applying for
We will train answering questions which are asked during 90% of interviews

We will conduct a pretend interview where I will take on the role of the hiring manager and ask you typical interview questions and you practice answering (English or German). I will give you honest feedback on what a hiring manager probably hear as opposed to what you were really trying to say

We will work on the proper wording and flow of the answers to make sure you have the tolls to convey YOUR story in a genuine and confident manner.

Before the training starts, I will send you a set of questions to allow for proper preparation.

€ 299
I will help you get ready for a real interview in just 2 hours!

I ask questions - you answer - I give feedback - you answer again - until you can successfully express what you want to say.

We will discuss in detail the story you want a recruiter and hiring manager to know about you - what kind of added value you will bring to the company and why they should hire YOU

You will be provided a list of potential questions which are asked during 90% of interviews and a full guide on answering strategies (Eng /Ger)

You will also be provide with an evaluation scheme which is used in big organizations within the relevant sector
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